1How it is different from other programming languages1 hour
2Restrictions and rules of Python1 hour
3Loops and other constructs2 hours
4Concepts of List and other data structures3 hours
5Object oriented Language or Not2 hours
6Dictionaries In-Depth knowledge3 hours
7Interview questions and mock up test3 hours
1Compilation process1 hour
2Variable and operators1 hour
3Conditions and Ternary operator2 hours
4Arrays and Loops3 hours
5Methods and parameter passing2 hours
6Pointers and memory locations3 hours
7Interview questions3 hours
1Concepts of class, object1 hour
2Understanding Object oriented Programming3 hours
3String and other Wrapper classes3 hours
4Keywords in Java1 hour
5Static, final, finally, finalize and similar jargons2 hours
6Exception Handling2 hours
7Collections : List, Set, Map 5 hours
8Interview Questions and preparation as per market standards3 hours
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