Project 1 : Graphical Password Authentication System using Intuitive Approach
In this modern age of increasing inter connectivity, information security has come to occupy a pivotal position in recent research works. Traditional methods of authentication have been text-based password schemes. However, the major drawback with them, has been the fact that their strength varies inversely with user convenience. Users generally tend to select passwords that are easier to recall and shorter in length. This, gives rise to password cracking attempts. A graphical password is a confirmation framework that works by having the client selected pictures, in a particular order. Graphical passwords authentication system has inherent advantages over conventional textual password schemes. In this system there are 3 authentication levels after registering the basic information, User login’s and after implementing id password system ask to authenticate in 3 different levels.
Project 2 : E Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP
In the proposed scheme, the user can easily and efficiently login into the system. We analyze the security and usability of the proposed scheme, and show the resistance of the proposed scheme to hacking of login credentials, shoulder surfing and accidental login. The shoulder surfing attack can be performed by the adversary to obtain the user’s password by watching over the user’s shoulder as he enters his password. Since, we have come up with a secure system schemes with different degrees of resistance to shoulder surfing have been proposed. In order to use this authentication system, user need to first register himself into this system by filing up the basic registration details. After a successful registration, user can access the login module where he/she need to first authenticate the account by entering the email id and password which was entered while registration. Once the email id and password is authenticated, the user may proceed with next authentication section where he/she need to select the type of authentication as QR (Quick Response) Code or OTP (One Time Password). Once the user selects the authentication type as QR Code, then system will generate a QR Code and send it to user’s mail id over internet. If user select’s OTP, then SMS will be sent on his/her registered mobile number. If the user passes the authentication, then system will redirect to the main page. The QR Code and OTP are randomly generated by the system at the time of login.
Project 3 : Financial Status Analysis Using Credit Score Rating
Banks and credit card companies use credit scores of the consumers. This banks and Credit Card Score Company lend money to the consumers based on the credit score of the consumer. Consumer can have poor, fair, good or excellent credit scores. Based on these credit score banker and credit company provide money to the consumer. We here proposed a web based application that keeps track of people’s credit scores. This system can be used by the consumers to know their credit score. User must register himself by adding the personal details and credit card and credit details. System will provide user with credentials to access the system. User can access his personal details as well as his credit details. Here we applied a unique algorithm to calculate the credit score of the consumers. System will calculate the credit score based on following parameters such as number of credit card, year of first credit car, number of loans, expense, income etc. Using these parameters system will calculate the credit of each consumer and will display the credit score value. System will also display whether the consumer credit score is poor, fair, good or excellent. This system is helpful for the consumer to know about their credit score. This system is fully functional and user friendly project.
Project 4 : Secure File Storage On Cloud Using Hybrid Cryptography
The proposed software product is liable to meet the required security needs of data center of cloud. Blowfish used for the encryption of file slices takes minimum time and has maximum throughput for encryption and decryption from other symmetric algorithms. The idea of splitting and merging adds on to meet the principle of data security. The hybrid approach when deployed in cloud environment makes the remote server more secure and thus, helps the cloud providers to fetch more trust of their users. For data security and privacy protection issues, the fundamental challenge of separation of sensitive data and access control is fulfilled. Cryptography technique translates original data into unreadable form. Cryptography technique is divided into symmetric key cryptography and public key cryptography. This technique uses keys for translate data into unreadable form. So only authorized person can access data from cloud server. Cipher text data is visible for all people.